High quality macadamias that help protect the Caribbean paradise.

Processing Plant
Climate controlled sorting station

About La Loma Macadamia

A journey to achieve excellence

La Loma Macadamia is the leading macadamia supplier in the Caribbean. We have over 16 years of experience invested in making sure we have the right tree varieties and industrial processes to supply the international market, while ensuring small scale growers can get involved in this wonderful industry and help protect our air, soil and water.


Our offering

La Loma Macadamia supplies high quality and fresh macadamias, processed with care from the field to our 25 LB vacuum sealed aluminum bags. We offer styles based on international market demand.


Style 1

90% whole kernel, between 18 and 21 mm diameter.


Style 2

50% whole kernels + 50% halves & kernel chunks – Between 13 and 18 mm diameter. 


Style 4

5% whole kernels + 95% halves and chunks




Leonor Feltz 5, Mirador Sur, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Carretera Arsenio Ureña, Altos de La Piña, Guazuma, Los Montones, San José de las Matas, Santiago, Dominican Republic


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